It’s Show Time!!!

October 15If you filed an extension on April 15 to put off the filing of your 2012 Form 1040, just a little reminder.  The clock is ticking down to get your records together and prepare your tax return.  If you use a tax professional, do them a favor – don’t put it off until October 14.

But getting your tax records to your tax professional sooner rather than later is a great advantage for you.  This gives some time to actually go over the return and see if there is anything that can be done to reduce your tax bill or increase your refund.  The longer you put it off, the less time there is for strategy.

Actually you should be planning NOW for your 2013 tax return. has a subscriber that used our service to input all her 2012 tax records at one time.  She told us that it felt so good to have 2012 done that she decided to input all her 2013 records and is now staying current.  And she is enjoying the peace of mind in NOT having to think about being stressed out next year. We love happy subscribers.

If you dread the time when you have to battle your avalanche of receipts , do yourself a favor and start getting your tax records together now.  You can let go of the year-long dread that you carry around and, once you file your return, have the comfort of knowing that, when the IRS does call, your records are ready.    Wouldn’t that be a welcome change?


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